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Nostalgiaa 60 vuoden takaa... 8-)


Excellent account of a man who went off the deep end. This book about an unsympathetic character will really hold your attention.

John Cummings was an assistant D.A. His father the judge got him the job. His best friend is police detective Steve McCoy. Cummings is married to the beautiful but cold Lou. They have a three and a half month old baby. One night the infant dies of pnemonia. Cummings blames his wife for neglecting the baby’s cold. They eventually split up. He calls his parents who are out of state. They rush back and get killed in an auto accident.

Cummings goes into private practice and doesn’t do well. To get some income he turns to robbery. His big score is ninety thousand plus from a bank.

He thinks back to a society party he had to go to because it was good politics for his father. He wanders out to the boathouse and sees Jennie, the daughter of the hosts. She’s a knockout and knows it. She comes on to him and then rejects him and laughs at him. He thinks he should have raped her.

Years go by and he sees her picture in the paper. She’s married and lives on a big estate. He plots his revenge for the slight. He gets his wish and attacks her in her home. He’s in disguise so she doesn’t know who her assailant is.

McCoy is frustrated because he’s getting heat from above to solve the bank robbery and the rape. He tells Cummings he thinks they’re the work of the same man. He says the D.A. wants to give Cummings his old job back so he and Steve can work the case together.

McCoy has been after Quinn, the head of a union local. He’s accused of ordering hits on those that oppose him and speak out too loudly. One night a cab cuts in front of Cummings. Quinn is in the back seat laughing at him. Cummings plans revenge.

Ehrlich was one of the better crime writers of the era. Defintely pick this one up.

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